‘Heartbreak’ at news popular Bognor cafe is to close

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‘It is more than a cafe, it is a community’ – that was the comment from one heartbroken customer to the news a Bognor cafe is set for closure.

The lease for Ollie’s Cafe, which has been located at Waterloo Square overlooking the Bowling Green for the past nine years, is up at the end of October.

Graham Patrick, who has been running the business on behalf of his poorly wife, said he had hoped to renew the lease but was told it wouldn’t be possible.

Instead it was extended, when it expired last year, and that extension is now due to run out.

Arun District Council confirmed the news, a spokesman said: “The building was included within the greenspace contract and so the council are currently working with its contracted partner ISS regarding future use of this building.”

Mr Patrick said: “The problem is they [Arun] know the cost of things but not the value of it.

“It is a shame but it is a relief as well – it is all a bit strange.

“I don’t really know what is going to happen, I think once the lease is over at the end of the month the ownership will transfer to Arun. I have been struggling with it for a few months,” he added.

“I’ve tried my best but I can’t get around it. I am very grateful to our lovely customers”

One customer who contacted the Observer to express her upset at the news was Amanda Staker.

She said: “It is just horrible and if it happens we will really miss it – it brings a little sunshine into people’s lives.

“There are so many elderly people who go there, it is a rare change for them to socialise and my children who are seven and 11 are heartbroken by the thought.”

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