Heart unit visit possible thanks to Bognor 10k

Team David at the Bognor Prom 10k road race
Team David at the Bognor Prom 10k road race

A HEART screening unit will make its first visit to Bognor Regis thanks to runners in the town’s biggest sporting event.

The some 30 members of Team David in the Bognor Prom 10k road race raised well over £2,000 towards their goal of funding the visit.

The sponsorship will be added to £1,000 already raised and future donations at events like a cake bake and clothes sale to pay for the unit to spend a day in the town.

Team David has been set up by Gabbie Broadhurst in memory of her son, David Green, at the age of 19 in December 2010 from an unsuspected heart condition.

She said: “Everybody was really amazing on Sunday. It was a brilliant occasion.

“We ran with David’s photo on the back of our shirts, so it was really emotional.

“Everyone did a good time, including two of my friends who had never been in a race before. People who don’t normally run took part.”

She expects the heart screening unit, provided by the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young, to be booked for a Saturday later this year. It costs £3,500 to screen 100 young people a day.

“I want to get the screening unit here for this year,” said Gabbie. “And then I want to be doing it every year. I want to provide the service for years to come.”