Sussex smokers kick the habit

THOUSANDS of smokers are now smoke-free in Sussex, thanks to the support on offer from NHS Stop Smoking services.

In the year to March 2011, almost 10,000 people successfully quit smoking across Sussex with support from local NHS Stop Smoking services.

In West Sussex, 4,304 people successfully stopped smoking: 11 smokers a day.

Anna Kirk, Tobacco Control lead on behalf of NHS Sussex, said: “Every single person who has stopped smoking in the last 12 months should be very proud of themselves.

“It is a great achievement and we are delighted they have managed to take this huge step to a healthier lifestyle with the help available.

“We know that stopping smoking isn’t easy, but NHS support on offer really does help. Local advisors provide free expert advice, access to medication and support tailored to what you need.

“There are group sessions, one-to-one support or phone advice – lots of options to support you as much as possible during your quit attempt.”

To find out more about how to quit smoking call the free NHS Smoking Helpline on 0300 100 1823.