Safety in kitchen put in spotlight

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RESIDENTS in the Bognor Regis area have been urged not to gamble in the kitchen.

A poll has shown many in the South East are not paying enough attention to hygiene when preparing food. Kitchen horrors included 77 per cent admitting they sniff food to test its freshness, ignoring the ‘use by’ date.

Unlike ‘best before’ dates, ‘use by’ dates relate to safety and are based on scientific testing, yet 47 per cent said they would eat food after its ‘use by’ date – the most frequent food safety gamble admitted.

The problems have been exposed at the start of Food Safety Week, which began on Monday.

Arun District Council’s environmental health team wants to get people thinking about food hygiene at home, by completing the new kitchen check.

The kitchen check gets people to look at their own food preparation practices and will give them a score and tips based on their answers.

Paul Dendle, Arun’s cabinet member for Environmental Services, said: “Although many people are aware of food safety issues, there are still those who neglect to wash their hands before preparing food or eat food after its ‘use by’ date, which could give them an unpleasant illness. We would advise Arun residents to use the Kitchen Check to see how they can improve their habits.”

To take the check visit