Jacqueline’s test against the best

Jacqueline Hooton in a typical bodybuilding pose
Jacqueline Hooton in a typical bodybuilding pose

A FELPHAM woman will be pitting her physique among the best in Britain.

Jacqueline Hooton was given a special invitation to compete in the finals of the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation.

These will take place on September 16 at Manchester. She will be taking part to win the title of Masters Figure for women over 40 alongside 13 other female bodybuilders.

Jacqueline, 49, said: “This is a very tough competition. The standard is extremely high. All the finalists have amazing physiques and I am incredibly humbled to have been invited to attend.”

The invitation to personal trainer Jacqueline, a mother of five, arose from the federation’s southern heat at the Regis Centre in Bognor Regis in June.

The judges were so impressed they offered her a place among the winners of their various heats. She hopes the interest shown to various sports in the Olympics will make people more receptive to female bodybuilding.