Help to reach your health goals in 2013

HELP is at hand for residents in the Bognor Regis area who want to stick to their new Yyear’s resolutions.

If one of your aims for 2012 is to lose a bit of weight or cut down on your alcohol consumption after the festive celebrations, Arun Wellbeing can lend a hand.

The team is providing one-to-one support and advice as well as signposting to local activity classes and groups.

The average weight gain over the festive period is around 6lb, with figures out this week from the World Cancer Research Fund showing alcohol makes up nearly ten per cent of total calorie intake among drinkers.

Arun District Council’s leader, Cllr Gillian Brown, said: “It is a common misconception that because alcohol is liquid, its calories do not count.

“However, alcohol is second only to fat in terms of calorie 

“Alcohol contains 7kcal/g and fat contains 9kcal/g, so if you are trying to lose weight this year, it is worth seeing if Arun Wellbeing can help you reduce the amount of alcohol you drink.”

For more information or to book an appointment with an Arun Wellbeing adviser, call 01903 737862 or email

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