Help for heart attack victims in Felpham

HEART attack victims on Felpham seafront could receive help on the spot.

Parish councillor Glenn Powell wants to see a defibrillator installed there.

He told his fellow councillors at this month’s meeting that the cost of buying and putting in 
the medical equipment would be about £1,500.

“There’s a lot of defibrillators around the country and we should have one here,” he said. “It would be used rather than waiting for an ambulance to arrive with one.”

But he said responsibility for the machine would have to be assumed by a group.

The cost would also have to be met by a grant.

Council chairman Paul English said possible sources of funding included the Arun Wellbeing programme and the Safer Arun Partnership.

The equipment can be locked with a code which would be relayed by the emergency services.