Drama to be therapy

SAMARITANS in Bognor Regis are making a drama out of emotional health – for all the right reasons.

The volunteers have come up with a different approach to reach people in need.

They plan to set up dramatherapy sessions in old people homes, schools, and community centres to get across their message in a new and creative way.

Branch director Lawrence Young said: “We are planning to reach out to vulnerable groups in the locality to provide emotional support.

“Some of these groups have been difficult to reach so new ways are needed to bridge the gap. The use of dramatherapy will enable us to reach a wider group of those in need.”

The play, which will focus on emotional health, will be altered for specific audiences.

The sessions for younger people will be more interactive and those for elderly people more visual and based on a play.

There will be a team of Samaritans present at these sessions to enable people to approach them after the play for a private chat or ask questions. The initiative will go ahead this summer subject to funding being obtained.