Head believes school is ‘turning the corner’

New Yapton head Nick Sharp,14LASEP19b-1 PPP-140921-203420006
New Yapton head Nick Sharp,14LASEP19b-1 PPP-140921-203420006

A HEADTEACHER believes his school is ‘turning the corner’ after last year’s lacklustre Ofsted report.

December 2014’s inspection said Yapton CofE Primary School required improvement and a monitoring visit last Thursday confirmed it was doing just that.

Inspector Siân Thornton praised Nick Sharp and his staff for having 
‘acted quickly’ in a letter published online.

Actions such as introducing a ‘helpful system’ to record and summarise information about pupils’ achievements were commended.

“However, current targets are the same for all pupils, regardless of the progress they need to make, and this limits their value,” said 
Ms Thornton in her letter.

The 2014 Ofsted report said areas of concern included lack of sufficient progress, ineffective spending of additional funding for disadvantaged pupils and persistent absenteeism.

Mr Sharp, who took up the headteacher post in September, said Yapton had appealed as ‘the perfect challenge’.

“I came in on a ticket of improving from what I consider a high-achieving school – Fishbourne,” he said. “I am very excited to be here, the team is fantastic, but there are things to do.

“I think we have the chance to turn it around 
and Ofsted are seeing that now. We are seeing improvements already.”

It is hoped the effort will see Yapton return to its good status in due course.

“Ofsted said this is what you have to do and it is our job to work out how,” Mr Sharp said. “Attendance is an issue here, I don’t know why parents would want to keep their children off, but we are working on it.”

To view the inspection letter and full reports, visit www.reports.ofsted.gov.uk