Have you seen two dogs missing from Middleton?

Missing Jack Russells Lottie and Wilf
Missing Jack Russells Lottie and Wilf

PET detectives have been called in to help find two dogs in Middleton.

The Animal Search UK’s professional missing pet search team were called yesterday, (November 13) by Annette Robinson whose pets went missing this week.

Wilf and Lottie are two missing Jack Russell dogs. Lottie is a black and tan female, she is 7-years-old and went missing with Wilf a white and brown male Jack Russell who is 10-years-old.

Lottie was wearing a red, fabric collar and Wilf was wearing a blue, fabric collar, these may have been lost or removed.

Their owners are desperate to have some news on these two much loved pets.

The team of pet detectives, led by former West Midlands police officer Tom Watkins, who has more than 18 years of investigation experience, are fully equipped with walkie-talkies, rescue traps, torches and police style patrol vehicles to assist with their hunt for the much loved pet.

Mr Watkins said: “Most missing pets are found within a mile of home – the challenge faced by owners, is making sure that as many people as possible know that their pet has gone missing, and encouraging them to be vigilant in keeping an eye out for them.

“Unfortunately, work and family commitments often mean that owners don’t have as much time as they’d like to devote scouring the area looking for their missing pet, and this is one of the ways in which Animal Search UK can help.

“Our professional, uniformed specialist missing pet search teams can usually be at any location in the UK within 48 hours, to help owners find a missing pet.”

Animal Search UK’s has promised they will do all they can to leave no stone unturned in the search for Lottie and Wilf.

Mr Watkins said: “We’ve made sure that we have as much background as possible before we commenced our search.

“We’ve checked details about Lottie and Wilf’s normal routine, and their usual patterns of movement in the area.

“Armed with this background information, we’re ready for the search effort to continue.”

Anyone with news, information or who has a sighting of Lottie and Wilf should ring the free confidential helpline on 08004 320 340 and quote case ref: 168723.