Gypsy caravan model is a labour of love for Felpham’s Gary

Gary Goddard with his latest gypsy caravan model
Gary Goddard with his latest gypsy caravan model

A Felpham man’s model world has expanded.

Gary Goddard has built his latest gypsy caravan to adorn the back garden of his Poulner Close house.

The ledge van measures 9ft long and 4ft 6in high. It is named after his first wife, Elizabeth Jane, in recognition of the good terms of their relationship 26 years after their divorce.

Mr Goddard, 56, said: “I’ve put my first wife’s name in gold on the side of the caravan.

“The most fiddly bit of building it was decoration on its outside. For example, I got a dado rail and cut slivers off of it.

“I cut it into pieces three-eighths of an inch thick, sanded them down and then painted them individually.

“It was a mind-blowing job but I sat at the table with a pot of glue and the radio on and got on with it. Those decorations finish off the caravan perfectly.

Elizabeth Jane is the third caravan which Mr Goddard has built and took about two months to make.