Groups urged not to miss out on funding

CHARITY and community projects across the Bognor Regis area are being urged not to miss the chance of a funding boost.

The three joint area committees (made up of county, district, town and parish councillors) in Arun each have around £10,000 of community initiative funding available to allocate from the 2014/15 financial year.

The chairman of the three committees, Nigel Peters, Graham Tyler and Ann Rapnik, said: “Through the community initiative fund, we have been able to give grants to a variety of projects which have made a difference to people in our area, including costs towards a caged practice pitch for a cricket club to equipment for a community music and arts festival.

“We would encourage any individual or group in the Arun area who needs assistance with a project that will benefit the community to send us their application as soon as possible.

“We’d love to help more people, and I’m sure there are lots of wonderful and worthy charities or organisations that would benefit from our help.”

The deadlines for applications are February 3 for the aastern Arun area, February 9 for the downland Arun area and February 18 for the western Arun area.

Application forms and information on how to apply, as well as eligibility criteria, can be found on the community initiative funding page of West Sussex County Council website or by calling 03302 225409.

Grant applications will be considered at the next round of meetings in March, 2015.

The funding comes from West Sussex County Council and each application is decided by the county councillors who sit on each committee.