GCSE Results: The Regis School

DELIGHT greeted results day at The Regis School, with the number of students achieving five or more A and A* grades double that of last year.

“I am so very pleased for those students who worked extremely hard and have been awarded grades that will give them access to further education both in our sixth form and at local colleges,” said principal David Jones.

Students celebrate GCSE results outside The Regis School'PICTURE BY WILLIAM KNIGHT

Students celebrate GCSE results outside The Regis School'PICTURE BY WILLIAM KNIGHT

“We are now greatly looking forward to the start of the new school year in a week’s time. I am sure that our new Year 11s will achieve great things in 2014.”

29 students gained five or more A and A* grades, twice the number of the previous year.

The school highlighted the ‘outstanding’ performance of Hannah Paul (pictured), who attained five A* grades and five A grades.

“Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that at all,” she said.

Hannah Paul, of The Regis School'PICTURE BY WILLIAM KNIGHT

Hannah Paul, of The Regis School'PICTURE BY WILLIAM KNIGHT

“I wasn’t looking forward to it and this is a nice surprise.”

She will be going to Chichester College to study biology, chemistry, maths and art.

Jodie Botterill was initially disappointed with her results, but then relieved what she thought was a D in physics turned out to be a B in her additional science, meaning she could continue studying physics at A-level.

“Physics is my favourite subject. I saw that D and I cried.”

Alfie Watson is looking to go to Brit School, in London, next year to study drama theatre.

“I think I did a lot better than what I hoped for,” he said of his results.

“It’s a really good school and I’ve managed to have a lot of support as well.”

Adam Bartlett will be studying music, sociology, English literature and government and politics for his A-levels.

“Music is what I really want to do. It’s the one the I love more than anything else.”

Mariella Edwards got three A grades, five B grades and a C.

She was looking forward to studying archaeology at Havant Sixth Form College.

“For the past couple of weeks I’ve been excited about it but last night I was quite worried.”

Jodie Grove was awarded nine A grades and one A* grade, and Edmund Steines achieved eight A grades and one A* grade.

The school said Jodie was one of six students who made exceptional progress in maths from her starting point at the school aged 11.

She was joined in this feat by Urusha Rayamajhi, Matthew Lane, Chloe Leach, and Jodie Jackson.

“I am absolutely delighted that our students are gaining the very highest of grades, not least in the core, academic subjects. These students responded well to the many revision sessions run and are now well-placed to move onto further study in our sixth form which enjoyed its best ever results last week,” said vice principal Jo Gessey, who coordinated the drive to raise standards.

The number of students gaining A and A* grades in English and maths rose by 30 per cent and the number of students gaining two or more sciences at a high grade rose by 15 per cent to 60 per cent overall.