Games Maker singers heading for Wembley

Games Maker Choir in Hotham Park
Games Maker Choir in Hotham Park

IT will be from Bognor Regis to Wembley for two tuneful women.

Bognorians Margaret Murphy and Jenny Hicklin brought a slice of the Olympic legacy to Hotham Park when they performed with the Games Maker Choir at the Hotham Park Country Fair.

Games Maker Choir on the seafront

Games Maker Choir on the seafront

The next big gig for the pair will be on November 23, when along with their fellow members, they will be singing live at Wembley Stadium, at the Rugby League World Cup semi-finals.

Margaret said: “None of us can quite believe just how many fantastic experiences and opportunities we have had in the last year, and all because we were willing to volunteer our time and enthusiasm to make the Games the success we all knew they would be.”

Margaret and Jenny were just two of the 70,000 volunteer London 2012 Games Makers who helped make last year’s sporting event the huge success it was.

Since then the pair have both become enthusiastic members of the Games Maker Choir, travelling regularly to London for rehearsals and performances and making many new friends from all over the country along the way.

Margaret is also keen to encourage others to volunteer their time, skills and enthusiasm to local events.

She said: “They may not all be on an Olympic scale, but there are so many fantastic events happening in and around Bognor Regis throughout the year, most of which are delivered by a small but dedicated army of local volunteers.

“Giving up your time energy and enthusiasm can be in turn, rewarding, exhausting, time-consuming and sometimes even frustrating, but ultimately, when you see so many people enjoying what you have helped in some small way to provide, it can be immensely satisfying.”