Funds’ hitch holds up play centre plans

A FUNDING hitch means a new children’s centre in Walberton will be delayed.

The hold-up has seen £100,000 of the £350,000 needed for the Community Playcentre at Walberton removed from the package which the scheme’s backers had assembled.

A spokeswoman said: “We have just heard that one crucial element of funding is delayed.

“This leaves us unable to meet our September opening date.

“The delay is doubly frustrating because, with the build itself due to start in just a few weeks, we have been forging on with all the other elements needed and were pretty much good to go.

“That said, all our work is not undone but temporarily halted.

“One thing is for sure. There is no turning back. We are already a long way down the road and are keen to get there as soon as we can.”

The new centre is intended to be built off The Street, close to the village school and hall. Its backers had made staggering progress in the past year but the setback was out of their control.

The £100,000 was due to come from a deal between the Sussex Pub Company and Hanbury Properties, connected to the village pub and building homes around it.

But the agreement has effectively been scrapped to leave Hanbury Properties seeking a new partner. Those involved with CP@W will be examining their options in the coming weeks and intend to continue to raise awareness of their work.