Fun at Paultons Park enters a whole new dimension

Bubbles inside the 4D cinema at Paultons Park
Bubbles inside the 4D cinema at Paultons Park

A FABULOUS new addition has arrived at Paultons Park, bringing with it a whole new dimension.

Paultons Park has launched a state-of-the-art, 150-seat 4D cinema with a prestigious VIP red carpet event on Saturday (March 23).

The family attraction in Hampshire has invested £1.5 million into its brand new, art-deco theatre and 1930’s Hollywood-themed Show Street.

The ground-breaking 4D sensory cinema allows the audience to watch a movie in 3D while seated in specially-designed moving chairs that coincide with the action on the big screen. Additional features include water sprays, blasts of air, leg ticklers, and even bubbles!

The first feature film shown at the cinema will take children and their parents, to the high seas with Captain Scabb on a swash buckling adventure to find the legendary treasure of Skull Rock, which was crowned winner of the Best Children’s Animated Film award at the prestigious Stuttgart Film Festival.

Audiences will feel the sea spray, peer through the eerie mist, ride the high rolling waves and explore the depths of the bubbling ocean in this sense-tingling 4D family adventure.

“The 4D cinema is a great new addition to the park for the 2013 season. We continually aim to improve the guest experience at Paultons Park and the 4D cinema provides fantastic indoor entertainment for the whole family,” commercial director of Paultons Park, Stephen Lorton, said.

With more than 60 rides, animal attractions and not to forget the hugely popular Peppa Pig World, the new 4D cinema is a much-welcomed addition to the family theme park.

Paultons Park is now open daily until November 2013, with day tickets cost £25.50 per person or £23.00 for senior citizen, with children measuring under one metre admitted for free.

For further information, including opening times and how to book tickets online in advance to save money visit


Paultons Park is one of my son’s favourite places in the entire world.

In fact hardly a week goes by when he doesn’t ask to go there - well technically he always asks to go to Peppa Pig World which is just one fabulous part of the family-orientated theme park.

But as my three-year-old gets older he is taking more and more interest in the rest of the theme park, so the addition of a new attraction is most welcome (especially an indoor one).

If you have been lucky enough to take a trip to the theme parks of Orlando then you will very familiar with the 4D concept, but for the uninitiated we are talking about a 3D cinema – with goodies like bubbles, air jets, water and moving seats to create the forth dimension.

The experience starts a digital usher welcoming the crowds, although I have no idea what he said because I could not hear over the constant chatter from the many people who I think were totally unaware of its presence. (Whether the speakers were having one of those moments or not, I don’t know)

Than afterwards the real ushers (who if dressed in vintage usher attire, would have added to the experience) then showed us to our seats and we all settled down to watch the movie wearing our 3D glasses.

Skull Rock was a stunning little story, well worthy of its award, and the effects were lovely and a nice introduction to those unfamiliar with the 4D experience.

Just be warned, although the cinema is suitable for the over twos, some little ones and some timid children will find Skull Rock just a little bit too dark and scary.

But older children and adults will love it.

Kelly Brown