Fun and free workshops

Children and adults alike can get crafty with by taking part in an upcoming ceramics workshop in Southsea.

Cumberland House Natural History Museum is hosting a ‘make clay pinch pots’ workshop on Sunday from 10am.

The workshop will be led by artist Diana Wren, 76, of Southsea, who says everyone is welcome to take part and enjoy crafting with clay.

Diana says she will teach basic techniques for making pots using the ‘pinch’ technique.

She says: ‘It is going to be very low tech.

We’re going to learn new techniques for making pinch pots, and if there’s time we might be able to make some bigger pieces as well.’

Diana says she can also teach participants how to make puts by coiling the clay.

‘It’s really lovely working with clay and it’s good fun as well,’ she says.

‘It’s also just really nice getting together with a group of people. It’s always very friendly.’

Diana says she will take the pots home at the end of the session and fire them in her kiln, and the participants will be able to collect them afterwards.

At the same time at Cumberland House there will also be a decoupage craft workshop.

This workshop, only open to adults, will be led by Julia Smee, 59, Cosham.

Julia says decoupage is the art of decorating an object by gluing coloured paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects.

She says: ‘We will be using a variety of recycled papers to create an attractive surface on jars, bottles, plant pots, tins and eggs.

‘The types of paper used could be newspapers, old map books, telephone directories or paperbacks.

‘We will further decorate using the pictures from paper napkins and making some flowers to cascade down the side of the item.’

Both workshops are free to attend, and are being funded by the European Social Fund as part of Southsea Greenhouse’s craft skillshop programme.

On Tuesday, March 3 at 12.30pm, Southsea Greenhouse will host another workshop focusing on gardening in small spaces.

To book, call the greenhouse on 07530 913211 or