Friends are on the road to adventure

Mongol Rally Mar15 JPET The Adventurists
Mongol Rally Mar15 JPET The Adventurists

THRILLSEEKERS are getting set to represent West Sussex as they take on the ‘ultimate’ adventure.

Steve Lilley, from Bognor Regis and Alec Wilding, from Worthing, will drive to Mongolia in an ‘old banger’ for charity.

“It was Steve’s idea really – between us we do come up with harebrained schemes,” said Alec. “The madder the idea is the more we are likely to do it.”

With the pair both turning 30 this year they also felt it was an ideal way to mark the milestone.

“This is the time to do it.

“I said to myself then I can turn 30 and settle down,” said Alec, “but I secretly know that is a lot of nonsense.”

Having met in tsunami- hit Thailand, the duo are no strangers to the extremes but Alec admits this is going to be ‘tough’.

There is little doubt is an understatement when you consider the thousands of miles will take them across mountains and desert without even a support car or GPS. Yet Alec believes ‘the amount of time spent in a tiny car with one person’ will be the biggest test.

“We are lucky, that we are both similar-minded. “Actually the more we have been planning and talking about it the more we realise we might be the perfect team.”

Alec’s day job sees him work as a paramedic for London Ambulance Service and it is through that he has come to know the charity Mind which they have chosen to benefit from the trip’s £1,000 target. In the first 24 hours their Mongol Rally page received £200 in donations, leaving the friends ‘overwhelmed by the response’.

“It’s nice, not just to be doing it, but everyone getting on board,” Alec said.

This spirit has seen Nissan Yeomans in Bognor Regis donate the ‘dream car’ for the journey.

“I was bowled over by their passion for it,” said sales manager Richard Taylor.

“I just think they will make it happen. If I didn’t have faith in them I wouldn’t want to put our name to it.”

Alec and Steve are looking for donations and sponsors, to find out more visit