Fresh ideas from public welcomed

VISIONS and ideas for the future of Bognor Regis’ pier are needed.

Jim Brooks, a member of the Bognor Pier Trust, used Friday’s meeting of the Friends to share some of the ideas he has had for the seafront structure.

He told the meeting it was important new ideas for the pier came from the public and hoped they would put it on the map as a destination.

“I have had some ideas for the pier, some of which could be implemented in the short-term and others which may take a bit longer and are, shall we say, slightly whackier,” said Mr Brooks.

“We could have moveable attractions on the pier, something to get people coming onto the pier. This could be something as simple as old fashioned penny slot machines.

“I also think it is very important to include water on the pier, we are a seaside town and I think it should be something we think about.

“This could be done in a smaller way with fountains that could be lit up at night which would look good or we could do something bigger.”

Mr Brooks told the meeting one of his dreams for the pier would be to create the largest geyser, which could see jets of water sent shooting into the sky.

“This could be a real attraction for the town, it could be something unique and different,” he said.

The water would be sent spurting upwards using hydraulic technology.

Another idea put forward involved a submarine.

“We could look into buying an old submarine, I have looked into it before, and then sinking it.

“That could be a really interesting idea and again something different,” said Mr Brooks.