Freedom Leisure announces new green scheme

Freedom Leisure, which runs five centres in the Arun district, has stated it is now aiming to recycle over ten tonnes of reusable cups a year

Monday, 29th January 2018, 12:30 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:28 am

In a statement, published on Friday, it said: "We have already put steps in place which will see around 200,000 plastic straws and pieces of plastic cutlery phased out of its centres over the coming months, while customers will be urged to, and supported with, the recycling of plastic bottles.

"A scheme will also be implemented to reduce the number of single use coffee cups customers use, along with measures to ensure that as many as possible of those which are used, make it to one of the few recycling plants in the UK which can process and recycle them."

Ivan Horsfall-Turner, managing director of Freedom Leisure said the commitment is 'not easy or cost efficient' but that the company 'can no longer shirk the responsibility and more importantly, we don’t want to'.

"As a responsible, high-quality, community-focussed and environmentally aware organisation we want to play our part in tackling this important issue," he added.

“We removed plastic cups at water dispensers from all our gyms a while ago, and instigated a refillable only option which has worked well, receiving praise from users. Going forward we are also looking to drastically reduce the number of single use coffee cups; working with our customers to encourage the use of multi-use crockery and refillable travel cups.

“All such incentives inevitably come at a price to an organisation, both financial and labour, but we are committed to them and sincerely hope that our customers will support this move.”

The statement said that customers will start to notice changes in the coming months and that there will be a continued effort 'to investigate ways to make other improvements wherever possible'.

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