Free lunch provided by church proves to be popular

FREE lunches were enjoyed by at least 29 visitors at a North Bersted church.

The meals were laid on by the Plymouth Bethren Christian Church at its church on Chalcraft Lane.

The guests were given bibles and gospel booklets with the offer of an unlimited free lunch.

Among those who took up the offer were some young families who were experiencing financial hardship.

Plymouth Bethren member Steve McIntyre said: “They were supplied with food for the day and they even took some away for the following day.

“If anyone was unable to arrange transport, they contacted one of the Bethren and they would arrange to collect them.

“Those that visited commented on the friendliness and hospitality they received. One said that the event was very generous.
“Some said they had not been to church for years and the event was inspirational.

“The food was all donated by the Bethren and there were no requests for donations from the guests.”

The free lunch was publicised by leaflets handed out around the town centre and temporary roadside advertising.

The popularity of the event on a recent Saturday has led the Bethren to plan to repeat the occasion.

The Plymouth Bethren church has been established in Bognor since 1870. It is active in the community, preaching in the streets and distributing gospel tracts throughout the week.

Members also regularly provide food for homeless charities and deliver bibles to hospitals.

Public church services are held in the gospel hall on Chalcraft Lane and the main hall on Nyton Road in Aldingbourne.