Free festival goes global

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THE world tuned in to watch Bognor Regis rock at the Rox this year.

Thirty-five countries, 
from Colombia to Kazakhstan, and from Canada to Vietnam, watched as the event played out, live on the internet.

In possibly a first for an event of this type, the free festival was streamed live with the help of Zoom Broadband and Media on Demand.

Zoom Broadband provided the necessary superfast broadband speeds in order that Media on Demand could then stream the festival on the web and to the world.

Although the majority of viewers watching the Rox on the internet were in the UK, there was one viewer in Colombia, South America, who watched the show for six hours.

Closer to our shores were viewers in Ireland, Jersey and the Isle of Man, who were able to take a virtual visit and feel like they were in the audience. Others watching were in America, France, Neverlands, Austria and the United Arab Emirates.