Freddie is on the mend thanks to West Mead vets

Freddie the fawn is back on his feet
Freddie the fawn is back on his feet

FREDDIE the roe deer fawn is thriving after receiving plenty of TLC at a West Meads vets.

He has been successfully restored to full health at AlphaPet and placed into a suitable location for a release back into the wild.

Veterinary nurse Charlie Sampson has cared for Freddie since he was rescued last June.

“It has been a long and emotional journey for both Freddie and myself,” she said.

“It was a fine balance between being a surrogate mother and ensuring he did not lose his wild nature and his fear for man.

“Successfully rearing him after he was so critically ill has been very rewarding.”

Freddie was featured in the Observer after he arrived at the clinic in The Precinct aged between five and ten days.

He was transferred from a vet in Pulborough where he had been taken after being found collapsed in the countryside crying for his mother.

Richard Edwards, an AlphaPet vet, said: “We still have no idea what happened to Freddie’s mother but he was so ill when he arrived we had real doubts on several occasions whether he would make it.”