Frack Free Fernhurst highlights traffic concerns

CAMPAIGNERS fighting fracking plans in Fernhurst mounted a demonstration this morning (Thursday, August 22) to highlight the issue of heavy lorries on the narrow country lanes close to the proposed Nine Acre Copse site.

They hired a 32 ton lorry which travelled the route from the entrance to the site in Vann Road through Fernhurst, up through Camelsdale to Liphook where lorries would join the A3.

The lorry travels down rural Vann Road

The lorry travels down rural Vann Road

Campaign founder Marcus Adams said; “We want to demonstrate to the village and the surrounding community the impact a large mount of traffic of this nature would have on the area and the unsuitability of the roads to accept this traffic.”

He said during the exploration phase villagers could expect to see 70 journeys in and out of the Vann Road every day.

“In the first phase there will be a huge volume of vehicles to prepare the site, clear the trees and to bring in thousands of tons of hard core, drilling rigs, mud pumps and all the equipment needed to drill.

Organiser of the demonstration Martyn Knights, also a leading Frack Free Fernhurst campaigner said they wanted to highlight the fact that a full scale industrial operation was being proposed in a rural area which was now part of the South Downs National Park: “What we are trying to demonstrate is that we are not against fracking per se, what we are against here is a heavy intense industrial process which would be carried out in a rural residential area.”