Ford councillors make strong objections to proposed waste plant

STRONG objections to a proposed waste plant at Ford have been made by parish councillors.

They have told West Sussex County Council the scheme by Grundon Waste Management should be put scrapped for 39 reasons.

As reported, Grundon wants to build the incinerator on Ford Airfield Industrial Estate to handle up to 250,000 tons of waste a year brought in by lorries.

But the parish council members say the plan is unacceptable.

Parish council clerk Lisa Wilcock, in a letter to the county council which will decide the matter, states: “This is in addition to the 100,000 tons agreed at the Viridor site (also in Ford).

“Add to this the other waste sites that are currently operating at Ford. The narrow roads and lanes are incapable of safely dealing with additional traffic.

“Examination of the highway already shows extensive roadside damage to the verges, boundaries and embankments.

“Road surfaces are badly damaged from the weight of vehicles. They are historic, narrow roads not designed or built to carry such heavy loads and volumes of traffic.”

Mrs Wilcock also reports the parish councillors’ concerns about the potential health risk of an incinerator being operated in the village.

“The building of an incinerator is widely reported to have major health implications.

“It is simply not good enough to build such polluting establishments without making the population at risk aware,” she states.

“West Sussex has the ability to regulate the emissions of any such waste incinerator systems and should insist on the best available technology emissions control.

“This should mean the best available technology in the world.”

She says the impact of the emissions on people is still unknown. While that is the case, the county council should act with caution.

“West Sussex County Council has a duty of care to its residents and must prioritise this over any company’s need and desire to make a profit when deciding any planning decision,” she writes.

Any planning consent should ban the importing of waste to the incinerator from outside West Sussex.

This is to keep CO2 and exhaust emissions linked with transporting the waste and to ensure the plant’s viability is not linked to bringing it in over long distances.

“The number of HGV movements presents an unacceptable impact on the amenity, character and environment with a massive increase in HGV emissions,” she adds.

“Excessive use of local roads by HGVs cannot be justified.”

The proposed route to the plant will take the lorries past the large housing estate on Rollaston Park.

A public meeting was held by the parish council about the proposals at which protest petitions were handed in by two members of the public.

Grundon in its planning application stated the plant would generate enough 12MW of electricity to power some 29,000 homes.

It wants to use the former Tarmac Topblock building for part of its scheme and put up an 8.400sq m building.

The site will cover 5.4 hectares and will be used for 54 lorry deliveries a day with access roads to Rollaston Park and Ford Road.