Flooding plan to protect Pagham will be on show

AN EXHIBITION next week will detail the latest work to protect Pagham from flooding.

The Environment Agency display will take place at St Ninian’s Church next Monday and Wednesday. It will be open from 2pm-7pm both days.

Officers from the agency and Arun District Council will be present to answer questions from worried residents.

The agency is well aware of the concern of residents, particularly those on the Pagham Beach estate, about the recent increased rates of erosion on their foreshore as well as the risk of flooding from within the harbour.

James Humphrys, the Solent and South Downs area manager for the agency, said: “The changes we have seen around Pagham Harbour over the past ten years have been notable and difficult to predict.

“Following a great deal of study and analysis, we now have detailed plans to manage the flood and erosion risks into the future that work with nature rather than against it.

“We appreciate Pagham Harbour is a dynamic and fast-changing coastal area, so we have to be flexible with our approach.

“The key point now is that, even with the erosion that has been occurring, the residents of Pagham Beach are not at a high risk of flooding.

“Our plans will ensure we can take the best action at the right time.”

The agency has pledged to regularly monitor beach widths, heights above sea level and spit movements.

It has outlined three scenarios which could happen along the coastline and the work needed to overcome them. But it has warned residents will need to help to pay for the schemes.