First world war tribute wins prize in 2014 Pagham Pram Race

The start of the Pagham Pram Race C141484-2
The start of the Pagham Pram Race C141484-2

FIRST world war soldiers gained victory in the 2014 Pagham Pram Race.

The nine-strong Tanked Up group marched to their fourth fancy dress win in a row in the Boxing Day traditional event.

James Paulsen, 27, one of the Tommies, said: “The race is a good laugh and it gives us something different to do from our day jobs.

“We started to build the tank, which is 3.75m long, on December 16 from hardwood and 600 milk bottle tops donated by Mill Farm residents in two days.

“We wanted to use this year’s centenary of the start of the war to pay tribute to those who fought in it.

“It means so much to this country. It’s a tribute for what we have now compared to what we might have had. Their efforts made this country a better place.”

The latest three-mile race of an event which started in 1946 attracted 51 entries and thousands of spectators.

Tim Holland, who chairs the organising committee, said the race was set to be a record-breaker.

“A few years ago, we were handing over a few hundred pounds to local good causes,” he said “This year, with the events we’ve had so far, and people’s generosity today, it looks like we will hand over our biggest amount. It’s likely to be in excess of £8,000.”

Entrants faced a modified course for the first time after the King’s Beach Hotel’s closure.