Firefighter strike finishes in West Sussex

Firefighters on strike outside Chichester fire station C131336-2
Firefighters on strike outside Chichester fire station C131336-2

TODAY’S strike by firefighters passed without incident in West Sussex.

According to West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, during the four-hour strike the only calls were for two false alarms.

Full fire cover has now been resumed.

The national strike was part of an ongoing dispute between the government and Fire Brigade Union (FBU) over changes to pensions.

Matt Wrack, FBU general secretary, said: “This initial strike is a warning shot to government.

“Firefighters could not be more serious about protecting public safety and ensuring fair pensions.

“Governments in Westminster and Cardiff have simply refused to see sense on these issues.

“It is ludicrous to expect firefighters to fight fires and rescue families in their late 50s, the lives of the general public and firefighters themselves will be endangered.

“None of us want a strike, but we cannot compromise on public and firefighter safety.”

Speaking before the strike West Sussex County Council member for residents services Lionel Barnard said: “This is a national dispute over which we have no local control.

“It is not a dispute between West Sussex firefighters and the county council.