Filming not allowed in chamber yet

A DISAGREEMENT about filming council proceedings has broken out.

The dispute about whether filming could take place arose at a meeting of Arun District Council’s full council last Wednesday.

During public question time Tony Dixon said he would be filming councillors as new rules passed by the secretary of state allowed him 
to do so.

The council’s chief executive, Nigel Lynn, said: “We are aware of the new rules that have been passed, but at this time we cannot allow filming within the council chamber.

“This is because electrical devices interfere with our loop system. We are working to solve this but at this time filming can not take place.”

Since the meeting Mr Dixon has written to the secretary of state telling him that as his intention was to film proceedings on his iPhone using its airplane mode, he did not believe interference would be caused.

He asked for advice should he be prevented from filming in the future.