Festival of Speed Video: Saturday round up

It was another action-packed day at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed, as thousands of people came to celebrate the fastest, freshest and most famous cars in the world.

The first 20th anniversary parade took to the track to showcase the best vehicles from the last twenty years of the festival.

GOODWOOD FoS (ST) MRW 12/7/2013 ''The 2013  Goodwood Festival of Speed ''An Audi awaits its driver ! - today it was to be Alan McNeish ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (131934-2378)

GOODWOOD FoS (ST) MRW 12/7/2013 ''The 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed ''An Audi awaits its driver ! - today it was to be Alan McNeish ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (131934-2378)

A Roman chariot led the parade in a low-speed convoy watch by Lord March, while a guitarist serenaded the scene from the top of Goodwood House.

The parade, which included a Ferrari 250 GTO, a Porsche 917, an Aston Martin DB3S was completed with a selection of Goodwood’s soapboxes which rolled down the hill to huge applause.

Peter Fonda, took to the hill climb on the Captain America Harley-Davidson chopper from the film Easy Rider, which he said ‘wasn’t that easy to ride’.

Bob Riggle, who performed wheelies on the track in the Hurst Hemi - closely watch by a fire tender - has announced he will be retiring after the festival.

“I enjoy it immensely,” he told Goodwood spectators.

“This is my 48th year running this course.

“I’m retiring, so I’m going to make the most of the festival now.”

Sir Stirling Moss, racing legend received huge cheers as he took to the track in Fangio’s Merceds-Benz 300SLR 658, which was described as ‘hugely evocative’.

To commemorate the anniversary of the death of James Hunt, who won the 1976 Formula 1 World Championship driving for McLaren, a painting commissioned by his family was unveiled by 2009 world champion and current Mclaren driver, Jenson Button.

Artist Paul Oz, who was asked to paint the artwork has also painted Jenson Button.

“I was deeply honoured to be asked to create this commemorative portrait of a true sporting icon who played such a memorable role in the story of F1,” he said.

Allan McNish, former Formula 1 driver and two-times Le Mans 24 hours winner pleased crowds, taking to the hill climb in an Audi R18.

There were more awe-inspiring displays from the BMX and motocross bikes at the GAS arena, with crowds gasping at every trick.

Jack Moorland, a 12-year-old motocross enthusiast, said: “It was amazing to watch. I want to spend most of the day here.”

There was more action from the forest rally stage, with tractors giving people a helping hand up the hill climb to see the rally cars kicking up dust. Tomorrow, rally cars will compete on the stage to get the fastest 20 track times.

Michelin supercars finished the day’s action on the track, giving visitors the opportunity to see some models which haven’t yet been released in to the public arena.

There was action in the sky as well as the track, with a chilling flyover from the world-famous Vulcan.

Visitor Alan Spragg, from Southampton said: “We’ve been up to the rally stage today to see the rally cars. We keep coming every year, and we’ve been enjoying it every year.”