Felpham villagers call for action on flooding

Residents of Felpham have come forward to support a group set up to demand action on flooding.

Some 43 people attended the first meeting of West Felpham Flood Action Assembly.

It is likely four or five of them will join the assembly’s three founders –Beth McGee-Russell and Jane and David Smeaton – in forming a core group of volunteers.

These will work to ensure the assembly’s aims are achieved. Ms McGee-Russell described the initial meeting at the Felpham Memorial Village Hall on Sunday (July 22) as a success.

“We wanted a core group of no more than ten. So, to have seven will be fine. We can always take on more if we need them,” she said.

The assembly’s members will be meeting a representative from the National Flood Forum today or tomorrow to gain advice.

“We will then move on to our next step,” said Ms McGee-Russell. “That is to get all the core group to take on specific jobs.

“We need people to get evidence from those who saw the flooding. We want to have someone liaising with the agencies such as Southern Water and Arun District Council. We also want a person to work with other community groups who are in the same situation.”

The need for the assembly was highlighted in the emergency of June 11, Monsoon Monday, when some 250 properties around Bognor Regis were flooded.

Many of those worst affected were in the Felpham and 
Middleton areas.

The assembly has been formed with four aims and objectives.

These are to: identify the causes of the flooding in West Felpham; identify the actions needed to prevent further flooding; liaise with other flood action groups; and provide support to residents who have been flooded.

Ms McGee-Russell said the response of those involved with the assembly showed the need for it.

Photographs of flooding and eyewitness details should go to westfelphamflood@aol.com or WFFAA’s acting chairman, Jane Smeaton, at 4 Minton Road, Felpham, 
PO22 7JL. Include a name and address for further contacts.