Felpham girl Molly is to have operation

A FOUR-YEAR-OLD girl from Felpham is set to be one of the first to have a life-changing operation in this country.

Molly Roots has been chosen for the selective dorsal rhizotomy as part of a UK research programme. Only some five hospitals are carrying out the operation, which will enable her to walk.

Molly, who has cerebral palsy, is set to be treated at Bristol Children’s Hospital.

Her mother, Nicola Roots, said: “Molly will have to undergo a formal SDR assessment in the next few weeks and then we will, hopefully, have the yes. But the surgeon we saw recently is pretty hopeful the surgery will be a success for Molly.”

The results of Molly’s operation will be used for a three-year research project into whether to make the operation generally available on the NHS.

A team of Molly’s Wish fundraisers has raised some £28,000 towards paying for the operation at St Louis children’s hospital in Missouri, USA.

Nicola, 33, of Drakes Park, said the money would go instead to fund the physiotherapy Molly would need after her operation. She will require 90 minutes of daily treatment.

“The NHS will only cover a certain amount of post-operative physio sessions for two years, but Molly will need intensive daily physio sessions so we will need to do this privately,” she said. The physios 
also need to be specially SDR-trained.

Molly’s Wish will receive a big boost in May’s Bognor Prom 10k road race. A team of 28 runners will be taking part for the campaign.

“It’s really touching to know the runners are doing this for us,” said Nicola. “It is fantastic there are so many of them.”

All this activity is taking place as Nicola prepares for a kidney transplant at QA Hospital in Cosham from her father.

She has IgA nephropathy, a progressive condition which means her kidneys fail to properly perform their filtering functions.

“My consultant is going to push for a date for my kidney transplant surgery,. It’s looking to be in the next six to eight weeks, depending on the waiting list for surgery slots.”