Fears more vehicles will damage roads

FEARS have been expressed that Felpham’s roads will take a beating if a new waste plant goes ahead in a nearby village.

Felpham Parish Council chairman Paul English said the proposed waste treatment facility for Ford would turn the clock back, and worsen conditions on the area’s highways with large vehicles going to and from the site.

“There will be a considerable amount of extra traffic coming through this way because the relief road may not be open,” he said at July’s council meeting. “Our roads in Felpham are going to take a hell of a beating.

“I would like the council to be involved in any strategy so we can see what road mitigation is going to be available to repair the roads throughout Felpham from the extra traffic which is going to be using them if the planning application goes ahead.”

The planned facility by Grundon Waste Management will separate, recycle and recover materials from commercial, industrial and healthcare waste. It is expected to manage 150,000-200,000 tons a year.

The higher level would generate 35 HGV trips a day each way and 60 other vehicle journeys each way.

Cllr English’s remarks came after West Sussex County Council principal community officer, Greg Merrett, spoke to the parish council.

Mr Merrett said: “The relief road as currently scheduled, all things going well, for late 2014/early 2015.”

He agreed to take the parish council’s views to the county waste management team to seek a meeting with the parish council.

Cllr English also raised the parish council’s concerns any commercial scheme for the former Lec airfield should be reached via a through route that linked with the new relief road to the north as well as the A259 to the south.

The current proposal for just a southern access would harm Felpham, he stated. “We are going to have a near £1m road mitigation scheme to slow down traffic. To have all that traffic coming out near the Arun Leisure Centre will destroy all the work that is going to take place.

“Felpham is going to end up like a rat run again. Everything that has been done over the past ten years to get the roads sorted out will go down the pan.”

Cllr Geoff Farrell said the north-south road had to be built from developers’ funds.