Fanfare set to ring out in opera house

SONY DSC SUS-150318-124645001
SONY DSC SUS-150318-124645001

BUDDING composer Juliette’s music is set to fill the Royal Opera House.

Juliette Feest, a Year 8 pupil at the Ormiston Six Villages Academy, Westergate, has been named one of the winners of a competition run by the prestigious venue.

For the second year running, students from the school entered Royal Opera House’s Fanfare competition - and this year Juliette’s musical offering has been picked as one of the ten winning entries.

Along with Ormiston’s head of arts Daniel Munt, Head of Arts Juliette has visited the Royal Opera House, where they were treated to a backstage and front of house tour.

They had the chance to watch rehearsals, see sets created in front of their eyes and they were even shown where the costume makers work.

Juliette said: “Visiting the Royal Opera House was really stunning.

“It was incredible to see the instruments and hear the skills of the musicians in the orchestra.”

But the main focus of the trip was to observe and hear her piece begin to be orchestrated.

Juliette worked with Duncan Chapman, a professional composer/arranger, and members of the orchestra to conduct her piece for the very first time.

Duncan has already sent Juliette a revised orchestration to listen to.

In the absence of a piano in the orchestra he suggested giving a line Juliette had written for the solo instrument to the brass section instead.

Duncan will continue to give suggestions and revise the orchestration over the next few weeks until both composer and arranger agree on how the piece should sound.

Juliette said: “I composed the piece for 15 instruments and am now in regular contact with Duncan via email to develop my fanfare further.

“I’m really looking forward to returning to the Royal Opera House to hear my fanfare being recorded.”

The fanfare will be recorded at the end of April, ready to be played at the Royal Opera House in its 2015/16 season to usher the audience back to their seats during the interval for various operas and ballets.

Juliette will be returning to the Royal Opera House in May to watch a performance of the Royal Ballet and she will also get to hear her fanfare performed to the audience.