Extra funding for scheme to help people become fit

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THOUSANDS of children around Bognor Regis are living in poverty.

About 4,100 youngsters across the Arun district are below the poverty line in spite of the fact the area’s overall deprivation is lower than the average for England.

The estimated level of adult obesity is also worse than the national average.

Life expectancy for those who live in the district’s deprived areas is 9.9 years lower for men and 8.5 for women than in the least-deprived locations.

The figures were given to Arun District Council’s cabinet as its members welcomed extra funding for a scheme to tackle matters such as obesity and alcohol-related harm.

Roger Woods, the council’s head of neighbourhoods, said the Arun Wellbeing programme had a role to play in tackling such matters.

“This programme is not the answer to them, but contributes to the answer and should be welcomed by councillors and residents.”

The £420,000 yearly backing for the Arun Wellbeing Programme from the county council will keep it going until March 2016.

Health priorities in Arun are to cut early deaths and excess boozing and increase adults exercising.