Equipment to help cardiac victims stolen

THIEVES have stolen life-saving equipment along Felpham seafront.

The callous criminals took the public access defibrillator just over two weeks after it was installed.

They have been condemned for potentially robbing a person of the chance of survival.

Felpham Parish Council projects committee chairman Gloria Moss said she was disgusted by the crime. “It really is a new low,” she said. “Not only have they stolen the defibrillator, they have stolen someone’s chance of survival.

“It could be one of their friends, a member of their family or even themselves. It’s a terrible thing to have done. I could hardly believe it when I heard it.”

As reported, the cost of installing the defibrillator on the seafront at Blakes Road was £1,000. The parish council paid £400. The rest was funded by the British Heart Foundation.

It went live with the South East Coast Ambulance Service on October 23.

The theft was discovered by parish council member Glenn Powell on Monday night.

“The reason we made the defibrillator public access was so that it could be used in the quickest possible time,” said Cllr Mrs Moss.

“The quicker the defibrillator is in place to carry out the diagnostic checks and decide if a shock is required after someone has ceased to breathe the better.”

It will be up to the ambulance service to decide how to replace the defibrillator. It was the first of its kind in the Bognor Regis area.