VIDEO: Family’s health fears over drains

A NORTH Bersted couple fear blocked toilets could harm their daughter’s recovery from a brain operation.

Gregory Hall and Deborah Brown, of Ashbee Gardens, are worried their clogged drains could cause a life-threatening infection for Jordan Hall.

Jordan, 14, has to stop her skull becoming dirty after she underwent the six-hour operation three months ago.

Surgeons operated after she suffered from the excess brain fluid condition of hydrocephalus. The doctors regularly insert needles into her skull to see if she will need a further operation.

Mr Hall, 52, and Ms Brown, 37, moved into their new home about 18 months ago.

They claimed the problem with their drains began soon after. They dismissed it at first because of freak heavy rain or teething problems.

But the situation has occurred at least nine times and can happen after any rainfall.

The blockage causes a loud gurgling noise, which sounds around their house, from their blocked pipes.

When it happens, the family - which also includes younger daughter Jovi Hall, nine - has to go to Ms Brown’s mother two miles away in Longford Road in Bognor Regis town centre just for a wash. The most recent was on Christmas Eve.

The couple have complained to Southern Water and other authorities about the problem.

For the full story see this week’s Bognor Regis Observer (Thursday, February 7)