New reward card could tempt more club members

A THRIVING club looks set to become more popular.

Arun’s Green Waste Club could be about to get in even greater demand thanks to a very attractive offer for its 12,000-plus customers.

The club has teamed 
up with Grass Roots to introduce its Pure shopping reward card.

Easy to get and simple to use, the card will enable members to shop at more than 50 well-known participating high-street retailers and supermarkets, and earn attractive rebates for any purchases made with their Pure card.

The shopping reward card can be preloaded with between £25 and £1,000. You then simply use it to shop at any participating retailer and a percentage of the amount spent will be credited back to the cardholder.

This means up to £1 could be made back for every £10 spent, and with an average rebate of six per cent, potential yearly earnings could be more than £300 (based on a weekly spend 
of £100).

There’s no danger of over-spending and getting into debt as you can spend only up to the amount you have in your card account.

For more information visit or call 0844 381 4351.