More space needed at sweetcorn farm

A NEAR 1,000sqm cold store has been proposed at the Pagham farm of Europe’s biggest sweetcorn grower.

Barfoots of Botley is continuing the expansion of Sefter Farm with its latest planning application.

The company wants to extend an agricultural building at the large site on Pagham Road to provide an extra dedicated temperature space.

Its planning agent, Douglas Briggs, says this is in response to supermarkets’ requests to ensure all produce supplied is kept under the best conditions from harvest to sale.

“The application proposals are intended to provide the facilities for the applicants to expand and adapt and stay competitive,” he says in a statement.

This can be achieved with the new coldstore as well as a re-organisation of the inward lorry docks.

Mr Briggs states: “The proposed extension will provide the essential flexibility to manage a range of incoming produce at the right temperature.”

The extension’s design will be a standard agricultural shed in keeping with the existing building.

It is at the south end of that building and located in the space currently occupied by an external yard.

Barfoots grows 3,000 acres of sweetcorn and vegetables. The company employs about 80 full-time and 230 seasonal workers.