Emma showcases alternative models

One of Emma Shamaya's photographs of Chelsey Jay SUS-140909-104845001
One of Emma Shamaya's photographs of Chelsey Jay SUS-140909-104845001

PHOTOGRAPHER Emma Shamaya has been showcasing alternative models at her Bognor Regis studio.

Emma is determined to demonstrate models can be in a variety of forms by working with Models of Diversity.

The group promotes the use of a wide range of models to reflect the differences among people in society.

Among those Emma has snapped are wheelchair-bound Chelsey Joy, who 
is an MOD director, 
amputee Jack Eyers and Bognor area resident Jacqueline Hooton who, at 
51, represents classic 

Emma, 21, said: “I have no difficulty in working with people who are disabled. It’s definitely a lot more interesting and creative. You learn what the models can do and can’t do.

“Chelsey can’t stand up but she can sit down or crawl for a photo.

“I hope the images I produce challenge the widespread belief that models have to fit a very narrow set of criteria.”

Emma enjoys creating the thought-provoking images, shot at the Aldwick Road studio she opened 17 months ago, that challenge people’s perceptions of modelling.

But she also spends much of her time working with families, couples and children.

She has included Jack in her latest venture to create a 2015 calendar for Help for Heroes.

The calendar will be available from her studio in November to raise funds for the charity.

Emma was shortlisted for a recent Woman of the Year award thanks to her work as a forward-thinking and creative photographer.