Election printing mistake warning

VOTERS have been warned of a mistake on council election material.

Janet Jones, from Rose Green, said she was puzzled when the Arun District Council document contained conflicting instructions on the front and back. “There must be a lot of people who are confused by it,” she said.

Mrs Jones, 65, of Elizabeth Avenue, received an electoral registration paper from the council last week.

It concerns the open electoral register which is available to buy by anyone who wants names and addresses of individuals.

The form said anyone who wished their details to be removed from the register should complete the box overleaf. But the box says it should be signed by those who want their name to be added to the register.

“I phoned the council and was told it was a printing error and to cross out the word add and put in remove. But how many people have signed the back quickly?” said Mrs Jones.

An Arun spokesman said: “This error was made by an external printing supplier who has taken full responsibility for the mistake.”

The council apologised for any confusion caused and said it had explained the matter to anyone who had contacted it.

The form was sent to two-thirds of voters, he added.