VOTE: Girl, three, is banned from Nyewood school’s toilets

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A MOTHER has spoken out after her three-year-old daughter contracted a urine infection when she was not allowed to use the toilet at her son’s school.

Sarah Morgan was picking up her son Tyler, six, from Nyewood Infant School, along with her 15-month-old son and daughter Lacey, who needed to use the toilet, on Monday, September 24.

Not being allowed to enter the premises until the gates were opened, she buzzed the intercom to ask if the school could make an exception.

However, she was forced to wait and Lacey became more distressed until the gate was eventually opened.

In a letter to chairman of governors Adrian Pinel, Sarah has written: “When the gate to the school was open and I went to walk forward, my daughter began to scream as she had her legs crossed so tightly that she could not even walk.”

At this point Sarah picked her up and approached reception.

“She was crying while I was holding her, and the staff were able to see how desperate she was.”

However she was still refused access and, after being joined by her son, had to return home before Lacey could use the toilet.

Lacey has since seen a doctor and Sarah has been told her daughter has a urine infection, one of the key causes of which is not going to the toilet.

The school had previously sent a letter to parents stating the toilets would not be open to the public, and following this incident sent a further letter reiterating their position.

They have released a statement, which said: “The school has had to, with regret, withdraw the facility of using the disabled access toilet for general public use.

“The reason for this decision was because of its regular misuse due to inappropriate items being flushed down the toilet which resulted in escalating repair bills.

“The school is under no legal obligation to provide a toilet facility for general use.”

Sarah said she has contacted a number of other schools in the area, all of which allow family members to use their general toilets.

She has started a petition with other parents who say they are angry at the school’s position.

They have also written to MP Nick Gibb, who has said he will be contacting the school.

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