Students at a Felpham school learn to be more ‘Streetwise’

All Year Seven students enjoyed the 'Streetwise' production
All Year Seven students enjoyed the 'Streetwise' production

Actors from a theatre company recently held an important workshop to teach Felpham students to be more ‘Streetwise’.

Theatre Company ‘Streetwise’, visited Felpham Community College last Monday in a bid to highlight the dangers young people could face everyday on the roads.

The interactive workshop for Year Seven students was organised by Sussex Safer Roads and funded by West Sussex County Council. The workshops are running across the country.

Through drama sketches, the ‘Streetwise’ actors expressed the increased dangers young people should be aware of these days when walking and cycling.

With the more popular use of mobile phones, music devices and headphones actors showed how being engrossed with technology whilst travelling can cause serious consequences.

Students were encouraged to ask questions at the end with the cast still in character to reinforce the message that technology should not be used on the move so people can stay focused on staying safe.

Curriculum leader for drama, Nicola Coney, said: “This production was aimed at making Year Sevens realise that walking with your face fixed on a screen, or music blaring out of your headphones, is not a safe way to travel.

“We hope it got the message home to students the importance of road safety. Thank you to ‘Streetwise’ as it was an enjoyable workshop but relayed a hard hitting message.”

Year Seven student, Emily Ingram, added: “In primary school I used to travel with my mum but now I walk to school on my own and the roads are always really busy. This was a good workshop to watch as it reminded us all that we need to stay focussed on travelling safe and not to get distracted.

“As we aren’t allowed our phones in school it is tempting to turn it on as soon as we leave but this reminded us that it is safer to wait to we get home, and when I listen to music do not have it too loud or just use one headphone so I can still hear what is going on around me. The statistics on how many kids are in accidents at school travelling times are scary so this reminded us the importance of paying attention.”

The aim of Sussex Safer roads is to create a safer environment for all road users, significantly reduce life-changing injuries and eliminate fatalities.

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