Skills put to the test in popular open space

Felpham SkillForce
Felpham SkillForce

NOT even the rain could 
stop an active group of Felpham students showing off their skills.

Having looked at ways of keeping active in their local environment, a group of SkillForce pupils from Felpham Community College put their orienteering knowledge to the test in Hotham Park.

The students were split into teams of three and four and used basic map-reading skills, fitness, stellar decision-making and teamwork to complete the 18-marker course in the quickest time possible.

Despite terrible weather, the students were able to maintain a cheerful demeanour throughout the morning.

They worked well to complete the course and solve the word puzzle using the clues they collected from finding the markers hidden all around the Upper Bognor Road green space.

The winning group finishing in a record-breaking 39 minutes. The students put their speedy success down to working hard together, not arguing or rushing their map reading.

SkillForce is a charity that works in partnership with schools, drawing on the skills of predominantly ex-Forces personnel, to inspire young people to succeed.

Since 2000, the charity has changed the lives of 50,000 young people in the UK, developing their skills and preparing them for next steps in education, work or training.