Shot bird raises safety fears

FEARS have been raised about birds being shot in Bognor Regis town centre.

West Sussex Wildlife Protection members were called to the Queensway on Monday to look after an injured pigeon.

Their spokeswoman, Jaine Wild, said: “The lady who found it thought it had been hit by a car, but when I saw it I felt it was more suspicious.

“We took the bird to Alphapet Vets in West Meads where it was X-rayed and found to have multiple gun shot wounds on its wing and was put to sleep.

“We are really concerned someone is taking pot shots at birds in that area. This is an absolute danger to the public.

“People can die from these type of wounds.

“We would like to hear from the public about anyone acting suspiciously with firearms in that area.

“They should phone us on 01243 825804 or the police direct on 999.”