Rose Green eco-warriors receive fifth Green Flag

Willem Keijser-Petch, seven, and Lucy Reading, six, in their eco fashion. C111852-3
Willem Keijser-Petch, seven, and Lucy Reading, six, in their eco fashion. C111852-3

Eco-warriors at Rose Green Infant School have enabled it to fly the flag for the environment.

The enthusiasm and knowledge of the 12 children ensured an eco-school’s assessor gave the school a top rating.

This has entitled it to the fifth Green Flag in a row.

The flag is flying high above the school’s Hawkins Close entrance to proclaim its latest success.

Reece Sheppard, six, one of the eco-warriors, said: “I’m very happy we have got the flag and it makes me proud to see it flying.

“Having an Green Flag is all about helping the environment.

“It’s all about people using cars less so they do not pollute the earth.”

The school became the first in West Sussex to win a permanent Green Flag in 2004 after previous triumphs in 1997, 2000 and 2002.

But a change in the scheme’s rules meant all flag holders had to reapply to continue to keep the status.

Infant school deputy head teacher Caroline Sugden said: “All the eco-school work is so embedded in our curriculum that the assessor was delighted by it.

“We are pleased to have a new Green Flag.”

Children took to the catwalk at the school to celebrate the arrival of the latest Green Flag.

A range of recycled fashions was modelled by 77 pupils from the reception class, Year 1 and Year 2 during two shows before an audience of their fellow pupils and some parents.

They included eco-warrior Willem Kaijser-Petch, seven, who was the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz.

He said: “We do litter-picking.

“That’s important so animals don’t die from eating the litter.

“We also go round the classrooms making sure all the lights are turned off as well as the whiteboards and computer monitors when they are not being used.”