RAF and Navy roadshow adds up to a valuable day for pupils

The pupils enjoyed seeing how maths could be applied in real life
The pupils enjoyed seeing how maths could be applied in real life

Felpham Community College students from Year Eeven and Eight attended the BAE Systems, RAF and Royal Navy education programme roadshow.

The event was designed to show the real world applications for maths and the importance of passing maths GCSE.

The road show was held on Monday June 18, at Felpham Community College.

The show, entitled ‘It’s a Numbers Game’, introduced students to a series of fun and fascinating ways in which maths is used in everyday life.

The event included examples of the practical application of mathematical techniques within BAE Systems, the RAF and the Royal Navy.

The presentation includes the most up-to-date technologies to demonstrate the importance of maths in the future of engineering,.

The roadshow included their amazing robot MIA who showed off her mathematical genius.

The show also explored developments in facial recognition technology.

Gill Woodman, careers leader, said: “This is the first time we have taken part in this roadshow.

“It proved popular with students as they were invited to participate in some of the demonstrations and a problem-solving game.

“The roadshow aims to demonstrate how mathematics is used in the real world, particularly in engineering roles, and to make students aware of the many different engineering careers that all young people can consider in the future.”

Madeleine Long, a year eight student, said: “The demonstrations were good as we could see how using maths can solve problems and how important it is for us to try and get our maths GCSE, as maths is required in so many careers.

“They also wanted us to realise that engineering is for girls as well!”