Pupils take over Bognor Regis school

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A NEW head teacher took charge of a Bognor Regis school for a day.

Daisy Dearlove replaced Katherine Amaladoss during a takeover day at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School.

This gave some of its Year 5 pupils, aged nine and ten, the chance to become temporary adults.

Daisy said: “I felt quite nervous being head teacher because you have to meet new people and be nice to the little children.”

She made a speech after the school assembly and then went into her office to take on the jobs needed to ensure the Glamis Street school functioned efficiently.

“Leading a speech in assembly was a great opportunity for me to tell everybody why I was head,” she said.

Other pupils became class teachers and tackled subjects such as literacy, led by Lucy Edgington, and graphs during a maths class from Kasper Szymanczyk.

Lucy said: “The class learned a lot and I had a lot of fun.”

James Dew and Michael Siemens also took a topic lesson.

Four pupils – Alfie Reynolds, Hayden Kracke, Aimee Bisby and Lucy Edgington – also led an achievers’ assembly for those who had done well since September.

It gave them the chance to show their talents.

“I think the achievers’ assembly went very well but it could have gone better,” said Aimee.

The idea of the day was to provides the pupils with an idea of what it is like to run an organisation and to link in with the year’s topic of Who’s in charge?