New sport area at Bersted school would help ‘creativity’

South Bersted Primary CoE School, headteacher Noel Goodwin
South Bersted Primary CoE School, headteacher Noel Goodwin

A new multi-use sports pitch for South Bersted CE School could help improve the school curriculum, according to a planning application.

The plans for a multi-use games area or MUGA and playground resurfacing works at the primary school in Church Lane state the change would ‘significantly enhance the ability of the school to provide a high quality physical education environment’.

In the application, the school said the new pitch would be constructed on part of the existing sports field as a more effective use of space that would help teachers to be ‘fully creative’ when delivering lessons.

Unlike grass, the all-weather MUGA pitch would be free-draining and will be usable even when the existing field is waterlogged and provide better value for money.

A spokesperson for the school said: “We were delighted in our successful bid for funding from the Healthy Pupils Capital Fund for the installation of a multi-use games area (MUGA).

“We believe sport provides children with many opportunities and experiences; helping to develop resilience and teamwork, as well as healthy bodies and minds.

“We hope this new facility is granted permission because this is an incredibly exciting opportunity for the children and families of South Bersted CE Primary School, providing them with opportunities to experience a wider range of sports.”

According to the application, the school’s remaining playing field space will still be in excess of the Department of Education’s requirements for a school of 210 pupils.

The pitch, surrounded by a fence to keep in sports balls, is to be located adjacent to the existing Tarmac playground and away from any residential properties and will be appropriately marked for netball and other sporting activities.

For full details see Arun District Council planning application reference BR/18/19/PL.