Couple weave their magic at Slindon willow session

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SPRING was in the air when the pupils of Slindon C of E Primary School spent the day willow weaving.

They honed their skills in the ancient art, guided by Mark and Rebeca Ford.

They added a new fence, created from the excess growth, around the willow dome which was designed and planted by Mark and the children in March 2009.

This was in addition to their usual springtime activity weaving the new growth into the dome and repairing its windows.

Writing activities to describe the willow followed the practical work.

Alfie Carmen, seven, wrote: “The willow is woven like silk.”

Caleb Cossar, seven, said: “The catkins on the willow are as soft as a pillow.”

The children use the dome during breaks.

It acts as a play structure as well as providing shelter throughout the year.